Tibbs Horse Farms World and World Grand Champions

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Tibbs Horse Farms Have Owned/Showed Several NSSHA/SSHBEA World and World Grand Champion Horses...

Many World and World Grand Champions have been forgotten...We want to introduce to you, the ones that we have had the pleasure to own in the last few years of being in business.  Many of these horses have been shown most of their life and were sold for trail riding and other recreational activities.  We enjoy having such a great group of horses in our barn at all times.

3 Time Country Trail Pleasure World Champion, "Battle's Little Leigh."

SSHBEA 2008 Open Country Trail Pleasure World Champion, "All Jacked Up."

2009 Weanling Sweepstakes World Champion, "Sparkling Moonshine."

2012 Country Trail Pleasure World and World Grand Champion, "Extra Blue". Sold here at Tibbs Highway Horse Farm.

4 Time 2009 Jr. Model Mares and Country Trail Pleasure World Champion, "Miss Teen USA." - 2010 WGC Country Trail Pleasure.

Multi World Grand Champion "Wolf's Avenging Heart"

Multi Blue Ribbon Trail Pleasure Winner - "CK One"

Multi World and WGC Trail Pleasure Horse, "The Exterminator"

Multi World Grand Champion, "Tebow"

Multi WC and WGC "Alens Sunbeam" has found his forever home with friends David and Susan Steffan of Irvington, KY. This fabulous Gelding is a Diamond Supreme Champion with over 150 Blue Ribbon Wins in SSHBEA alone!

2009 Traditional Trail Pleasure World Champion, "Spiderman's Spotted Again".

2009 Multi World and World Grand Champion Country Pleasure/Traditional Trail Pleasure Horse, "On The Road Again."

Multi World and World Grand Champion Heavy Shod, "Hot Pepper's Warpaint."

Multi Lite Shod World and World Grand Champion, "Sterling's Stormy Silver."

2 Time World Champion "Into The Next Generation" - 2010 NSSHA and SSHBEA Yearling World Champion. 2011 World Champion Jr. Model Mares with Jennifer Broadhurst.

2 Time WGC "Im All Jacked Up" - 2010 and 2011 NSSHA Open Model World Grand Champion.

2 X World Champion "Cyanide"

WC "Reb's Black Gold" World Champion Weanling Stallion - Owned and Raised by Nancy Anderton - Thank you for letting me show this handsome youngster! We had a wonderful time!

World and WGC "Teen Man" -

Leighanne with Reserve World Champion Yearling Filly 2011 "Tears and Lies" - Susan with her World Champion Showmanship Mare 2011 "Ive Got All Night".

Keelie Hillis and Leighanne with "Hytone's Lil Miss Firefly" - Reserve WGC Country Trail Pleasure 11 and Under.

"Spud's Sexy Smack" - Multi Blue Ribbon Country Trail Pleasure 2/3 Year Old.

Katlyn Mahon with "Hytone's Lil Miss Firefly" - 2011 Reserve World Grand Champions 12-17 year olds on Country Trail Pleasure Horses.

"Rocker's Gone Platinum" - Multi Blue Ribbon Winner in Country Trail Pleasure Divisions.

2010 World Champion 2 yo Sweepstakes Country Trail Pleasure Horse - "Country's Enchanted Valley" .

9 Time WGC/12 Time WC "Repeat's Chipendale" -

WGC "He's No Ordinary Wolf"

"I'm Jacked Up Too" - Weanling 2012 Blue Ribbon Winner.

"Ebony's Dallas Diamond" - Owned by Sherry Smith.

"Pusher's Short Run" - 2012 Model Horse Blue Ribbon Winner. Standing @ Stud. Owned by Deanna Bush.

"I've Got A Wolf All Night" - Started Under Halter by Tibbs Horse Farm. 2012 Multi Blue Ribbon Yearling Winner.

3 Time WGC and Multi WC "Yankee Wolf" - Standing @ Stud. Owned by David and Susan Steffan of Irvington, KY.

"Pink's A Rock Star" - Multi Blue Ribbon Model Horse Winner.

Multi Blue Ribbon Winner and SSHBEA WGC "Jake's Jubilee Star". Owned by Herb and Rosi Wood of Lexinton, TN. Trained by Tibbs Hwy Horse Farm.

2 Time World Champion, "Dancin' In Dallas" - Purchased from Tibbs Hwy Horse Farm and now owned by The Hartwig Family of Dechard, TN.

"Poppy" - Multi Blue Ribbon Leadline Pony Winner. Had 30 days in training with Tibbs Hwy Horse Farm. Owned by the Cantrell Family.

Multi World and WGC Trail Pleasure Horse, "Smokey's Honky Tonk Angel" - Owned by Susan Steffan of Irvington, KY.